Odour Removal/ Odor Control

Serving Barrie, Newmarket, Toronto, Orillia & Areas

As specialist in Odour removal, we are certified, trained and experienced to identify and eliminate odours. Odours are caused by a number of things (e.g., pet stains, mice droppings, skunks, smoke, foods, human decompositions).

Masking odour's only offer temporary relief when your odour problem is serious or persistent.

Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc. uses the latest state of the art equipment to eliminate these offensive odour's, by finding the cause of the odor and determining the conditions in which it contacts any surface. The odour can often be removed with out a trace.

Identifying and eliminating odor's can be a challenging thing, call Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc and leave the odor removal to us.

We use many techniques to resolve stubborn odors, from ozone machines, hot vapour stream, to eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Certified by IICRC in Odour Control

We remove the following odours: human decompositions, skunks, moth balls, urine, tobacco, smoke, mould, foods and much more.