Raccoon/Wildlife Droppings/Feces Removal & Cleanup

Why does raccoon Latrine/feces pose a risk to humans?

Raccoon laterine/dropping/feces cleaning and decontamination

Raccoons carry Bylisascaris procyonis, also referred to as roundworm. Roundworm eggs may be present in the feces of the host raccoon. Humans who are exposed and ingest the eggs to the parasite may be at risk.

Knowing how to recognize raccoon latrine/feces is important to you. Droppings look similar to the feces of a medium size dog. The feces is more crumbly than a dog's due to their diet, and therefore, more partially digested food will be present. Raccoons tend to defecate in the same area. If you believe you found droppings, do not clean it up before you understand the dangerous disease that may be present. Call Us.

If you have raccoon feces, we can help you with proper cleaning and sanitizing of the area. We are certified in decontamination cleaning and have the personal protective equipment and tools to properly decontaminate the area.You need more than chemical to kill the parasite.

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