Please help my friend Martha raise some money for Stellas Place. Please read her story and if you can make a small donation that would be great.

I am participating in the 2018 B&O Yorkville Run to support the mission of Stella’s Place.

It’s nearing 10 months since my daughter decided to leave us. I know it wasn’t the first time she’d thought about it. From what I know, she had suicide ideation since she was 17. From what I don’t know, maybe longer. She didn’t want to do it and she hoped she wouldn't, she told me. She was in pain. Her depression and anxiety were not the hide under the covers type. She was active and social. Overly I’d say, in part due to her leadership quality personality, in another to escape the dark feelings that haunted her. With the celebrity suicides last week, social and news media is flooded with to dos and not to dos to help. For 5 years I’ve been working on the magic formula of to dos and nots to solve this mental health crisis we’re in. I have yet to come up with anything solid, mainly because every individual’s journey is unique. This is why I believe in Stella’s Place so much, because they allow young people to explore themselves, their treatments, their story, while providing a welcoming atmosphere and the necessary resources. I had read about it in a news article. The day after she suffered a severe crisis she looked for help (not being the first or last time she looked). She received very little in general, and absolutely no immediate help from our mental health care systems/institutions. That’s when we went to check out Stella’s Place. I’ll never forget how her eyes lit up after the mini orientation we were welcomed with, and she admitted I was on to something with this find. Although we discovered Stella’s Place too late in her journey, I know their formula will help save others.
Please consider donating to support this worthy place.

Stella’s Place is one of Canada’s first mental health assessment and treatment centres specifically serving young adults 16 to 29 with complex mood and anxiety disorders.

Stella’s Place is based in downtown Toronto and offers a range of clinical and recovery services in a street-front, non- stigmatizing, and engaging environment. This organization aims to change the landscape of young adult mental health services in Toronto and beyond.

Please pledge me and help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight for mental wellness. Online pledging is secure and it saves Stella’s Place money by reducing administrative costs.

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