Tips On Stopping Raccoon Latrine

This is the most common question I get. Unfortunately the province of Ontario is over populated with raccoons. Due to urban sprawl to just name one reason.

It is against the law to own a body gripping trap that is able to kill anything bigger than a rat.

There are some legitimate reasons:

-Small pets can fall prey to them.

-small children can get trapped or seriously hurt

Tips: The best way to approach this is to break the habit. They are creatures of habit.

  • Call Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning for the safe removal of raccoon poop.
  • Apply 2 plastic sheets to the latrine area (Raccoons have sensitive feet)
  • Keep the are clean, remove food and clutter.
  • Apply coyote urine. Coyote prey on raccoons but need to keep area clean and reapplying. One application is no going to stop the problem.
  • Spray them with water if you catch them in the act.
  • Apply cayenne pepper or ammonia.Anything that wont kill them but distrub there senses and comfort zone
  • Move furniture around, break the habitat
  • Light sensors,
  • Radio

You need to be consistent and reclaim your area. If oyu are in need of our services please contact us and would be happy to address any concerns you might have.

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