Tips for preventing raccoon roundworm parasite infection:

  • avoid direct contact with raccoons and their feces. Call us
  • do not keep, feed or adopt raccoons as pets
  • remove any food sources
  • seal off entrances to attics and basements
  • keep sandboxes covered at all times to prevent their use as raccoon latrines
  • remove water sources, including fish ponds and birdbaths
  • use secure trash containers
  • keep areas organized and free of clutter so raccoons are not likely to make a den on your property
  • stay away from areas and materials that might have round worm in raccoon feces.
  • Raccoons typically drop there feces at the base of or in raised forks of trees, or on raised horizontal surfaces such as fallen logs, stumps or large rocks.
  • Raccoon feces also can be found on woodpiles, decks, rooftops, window wells and in attics, garages and haylofts.
Quick removal of latrine area should be removed as soon as possible to reduce risk and its easier to control the odor. Newly deposited eggs take two to four weeks to become effective. Call us! We have experience amd proper equipment to get the job done safely.