Odour Removal/ Odor Control

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As specialist in Odour removal, we are certified, trained and experienced to identify and eliminate odours. Odours are caused by a number of things (e.g., pet stains, mice droppings, skunks, smoke, foods, human decompositions).

Masking odour's only offer temporary relief when your odour problem is serious or persistent.

Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc. uses the latest state of the art equipment to eliminate these offensive odour's, by finding the cause of the odor and determining the conditions in which it contacts any surface. The odour can often be removed with out a trace.

Our equipment to remove odors

Ozone generator: It is a powerful oxidizer. It is very effective at removing odors but high shock treatment are required and the space must be evacuated. It is electrically powered that produces an O3 molecule that permanently neutralizes odors.By producing the oxidizer it adds oxygen to breakdown organic matter. It works at an atomic level.

Ultra Low volume fogger: can be applied in the airspace using water based cleaning agents deodorant. It produces a mist of 8-15 micron droplets, which allows penetration into the walls, hidden areas, ventilation systems.

Vapor Tek: Powerful versatile safe to apply use essential oils by odor pairing or encapsulation, into a new molecular form.

Charcoal Filter or Air scrub: Is powered by fans that suck the bad air in, traps the odors in the filter system, producing cleaner air.

We use a combination of techniques and elbow grease to resolve any malodors.

Identifying and eliminating odor's can be a challenging thing, call Omega Dry Carpet Cleaning Inc and leave the odor removal to us.

We use many techniques to resolve stubborn odors, from ozone machines, hot vapor stream, to eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Odors we are able to remove:

  • Skunk spray
  • Urine
  • Dampness
  • Nicotine removal
  • cooking smells like curry
  • Rotting food
  • Human decomposition
  • Dead animal

Certified by IICRC in Odor Control

We remove the following odours: human decompositions, skunks, moth balls, urine, tobacco, smoke, mould, foods and much more.

  • " John is very professional both booking appt & actually doing the work. He came and cleaned the grout in my kitchen when he said he would & it came up brand new. Would not hesitate to recommend. "

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